Programme of Events for 2019

Brindle Historical Society Programme of Events for 2019

21st January, 7.30pm

The Duke of Bridgewater’s Underground Coal Mining Canals – Alan Davies

18th February, 7.30pm

A G M – a short meeting, followed by a historical advert picture quiz

18th March, 7.30pm

Roman Roads in Lancashire – David Ratledge

Lancashire has some of the Country’s most spectacular Roman Roads.  The last few years has seen a transformation in the understanding of Lancashire’s Roman road network as a consequence of Lidar data becoming freely available. The use of Lidar data (basically high precision height data) to reveal the course of Roman roads has been a great success throughout the country.  Imagery derived from this data is often able to show clearly the surviving remains of the road agger, terraces, side ditches and cuttings, often where they cannot be identified on the ground through traditional fieldwork.  This has resulted in almost every road in Lancashire being located with high confidence.

15th April, 7.30pm

When the Cold War came to Brindle – Bernard Fleming

Some of you will know where Brindle’s own not so secret bunker is.  But how much do you know about what and where it is, why it was built, who manned it, what state it’s in now and what’s planned for the future?  Bernard Fleming will answer some of these questions and put it into its historical context – hopefully with the help of some of the other people who were and are involved with it.  Please get in touch with him (01254 853807) if you have any information you’d like included or if you have memories of the bunker yourself – or know someone who has.



Details of further meetings in 2019 will be published in due course.

All meetings are held in Brindle Community Hall, Water Street, Brindle PR6 8NH