About our Archive

Our ever expanding archives contains photographs, lists and other items going back many years; access is free to members but we do ask non-members and researchers for a small contribution to Society funds to search and copy items accordingly.

All items belong to the Society and Copyright is vested to the Society unless clearly stated.

The archives are currently divided into a number of subjects, as follows…

  • Brindle Estate (the land around the village)
  • The Parish Church of St. James
  • Brindle St. James’ School (+ book published in 2006)
  • Brindle Parish Council (1894 to present)
  • Listed Buildings
  • The Village Centre
  • Water Street
  • Smithy Lane
  • Top o’th Lane and Workhouse
  • Field Days (social events)
  • The Village Institute & Community Hall (1923 to present)
  • Roads (including the building of the M65 through the village)
  • Local Industry, including Farming and Brindle Mill)
  • ‘Round and About’ (numerous photographs & articles of local interest)
  • Brindle in the Years of the Civil War (see ‘Books’)
  • War (photographs and articles relating to WW1 & 2)
  • Water, Fire Engine and Post Office
  • Brindle War Memorial (including the men who fought in both World Wars)
  • Miscellaneous items (including Catholic Churches, Local Pubs, Personal Memories, Hoghton Tower, the Battle of Bruneburgh; Poems, Articles, Newspaper cuttings and numerous Maps).

Teaching Resource

We also have a boxed resource entitled “A Locality Study for Primary Schools – Brindle Past and Present” compiled by Janet Withersby, Lancashire C.C. Advisory teacher.


We also have for sale a book written by Ralph & Wal McMullen, entitled “Brindle in The Years of Civil War”. It is available price £5.00 (including postage & packaging). More information can be requested via our Contact Us page.

For a flavour of life in Brindle from c1930 to 1990, read “Brindle as I Remember It” by Harold Baxendale; copies are available in Chorley Library and at the Lancashire Record Office in Preston.